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The Genesis…

Picture this: A bustling evening at Mr. Fuji’s, an iconic Hibachi restaurant in the heart of Atlanta. The air is thick with the aroma of sizzling Japanese delicacies, punctuated by the sound of laughter and clinking glasses.

Amidst this lively backdrop, a seemingly innocent question about cats and chocolate emerges. But it’s not just any question; it’s the spark that ignites a burning curiosity.

A realization dawns that, despite years of adoring our feline friends, there’s a vast ocean of knowledge about them we’ve yet to explore. ‘The Healthy Housecat‘ is the vessel I crafted to navigate this ocean, to uncover the hidden depths of feline wellness and bring them to the surface for every cat lover to behold.

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Every cat owner’s nightmare: Watching your beloved feline playfully batting at something, only to realize it’s a potential hazard. The sinking feeling as you rush to intervene, praying you’re not too late. Our homes, our sanctuaries, are filled with unsuspecting dangers that can turn a playful afternoon into a frantic rush to the vet.

But what if you could transform your home into a haven where your cat can roam freely, without the lurking dangers? ‘Cat Owner’s Alert’ is your (?ProActive) roadmap to achieving this. Dive deep into the nooks and crannies of everyday items and habits, ensuring your cat’s environment is as safe as their favorite sunny spot.

Picture this: Your cat, prancing around, tail high, eyes bright, in a home where every corner has been cat-proofed. The peace of mind knowing that your feline friend is safe, and the joy of seeing them thrive in an environment tailored for their well-being. With ‘Cat Owner’s Alert’, this future is just a page away.

Introducing:Cat Owner’s Alert: Discover Everyday Items That Can Endanger Your Cat’s Life‘ – your ultimate guide to transforming your home into a feline-friendly fortress.

This isn’t just another cat guide; it’s a life-saving manual.

After extensive research into the insights and recommendations of top veterinarians and cat behaviorists, I’ve distilled the most crucial information, cutting through the noise to bring you a concise, actionable guide.

With real-life anecdotes and evidence-backed insights, this guide is the beacon of safety every cat owner needs.

Listen, every moment you wait, your cat could be playing with, or worse, ingesting something harmful.

It’s like leaving a toddler alone in a room full of small, swallowable objects.

And we all know how curious cats can be – they’re basically the feline version of a toddler with a credit card in a toy store.

Don’t let your cat’s next playful moment turn into a trip to the vet.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to prevent it.

Dive into ‘Cat Owner’s Alert’ now!

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“Fast Action Taker”


A $4.97 Value… FREE!

BONUS 1: Cat-Proofing Your Home” Checklist

This comprehensive checklist is your ultimate guide to ensuring every corner of your home is safe for your curious kitty. From the living room to the great outdoors, we’ve got you covered.


  • Peace of Mind: Sleep easy knowing you’ve taken every precaution to keep your cat safe.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the living room to the garden, we’ve covered all bases.
  • Simple to Follow: No need to be a cat whisperer. Just follow the checklist, and you’re golden.
  • Save on Vet Bills: Prevention is better than cure. Avoid potential hazards that could lead to costly vet visits.

A $4.97 Value… FREE!

BONUS 2: Emergency Contacts and Notes” Template

Imagine this: It’s 2 AM, and you’re in a panic because Mr. Whiskers just swallowed something he shouldn’t have. You’re scrambling, trying to remember where you put the number for the emergency vet. The clock’s ticking, and every second counts.

This isn’t just a template; it’s a lifeline. A meticulously crafted tool designed to keep all your vital cat-related contacts and notes in one accessible place. From poison control to your regular vet’s details, it’s all here.


  • Immediate Access: In emergencies, time is of the essence. Have all critical contacts at your fingertips.
  • Stay Organized: No more scrambling through drawers or trying to remember where you saved that number.
  • Digital & Physical: Print it out, stick it on your fridge, or save it on your phone. Better yet, do both!
  • Tech-Savvy Tips: We even guide you on how to place this lifesaver right on your phone’s home screen. Whether you’re Team Android or Team iPhone, we’ve got you covered.


A $4.97 Value… FREE!

BONUS 3: Safe Plants for Cat Owners Report: Indoor and Outdoor Plants Safe for Cats

You’ve just brought home a beautiful new plant, setting it up in the perfect spot. As you admire it, your cat, Luna, saunters over, giving it the classic feline once-over. Before you know it, she’s taken a nibble. Your heart drops. Is it safe?

This comprehensive report is every cat owner’s botanical bible. Dive deep into the world of flora and discover which plants are feline-friendly and which ones might just be a furry disaster waiting to happen. From the living room to the garden, we’ve got you covered.


  • Peace of Mind: No more second-guessing every plant purchase or gift.
  • Comprehensive Listings: Detailed lists of safe indoor and outdoor plants, complete with images for easy identification.
  • Cat Behavior Insights: Learn why cats are so darn interested in your greenery in the first place.
  • Safety First: Tips and tricks to prevent your curious kitty from turning your plant paradise into a munching marathon.
  • Bonus Content: Quick reference lists, emergency contacts, and resources for those “just in case” moments.

You’ll Receive All 3 FREE “Fast Action Taker” BONUSES…

When You Buy:

The Cat Owner’s Alert:

Discover Everyday Items That Can Endanger Your Cat’s Life


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Let me make something crystal clear. I’m not here to pull the wool over your eyes or play games with your trust. This guide, ‘The Healthy Housecat’, is my heart and soul poured onto pages. It’s the culmination of countless hours of research, experience, and genuine love for our feline companions.

But I also understand that trust is earned, not given.

So, here’s my iron-clad promise to you: Dive into ‘The Healthy Housecat’ for a full 30 days. Absorb its insights, apply its wisdom, and watch the transformation in your cat’s health and your own confidence. If, at the end of those 30 days, you don’t feel it’s delivered value far beyond its price, or even if you just didn’t like the font I used, send me a note. I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

Why would I make such a bold guarantee? Because I believe in this guide. And I believe once you experience its power, you will too.

30 Day - No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee

Your cat is more than just a pet; they’re family. They deserve the best care you can provide.

Listen, every moment you wait, every second you’re on the fence, is another moment your cat could be living a healthier, happier life. And it’s another moment you could be enjoying the peace of mind that comes from truly understanding your feline friend.


You’ve seen the immense value packed into ‘The Healthy Housecat’ and its bonuses. You’ve heard the stories, felt the passion, and understood the transformative power of this knowledge. Now, it’s time to act.

For the price of a few fancy coffees, you’re getting a lifetime of feline wisdom. A guide that could change the way you see and care for your cat. And remember, this isn’t just about your cat. It’s about you. It’s about the confidence, the calmness, and the joy you’ll feel, knowing you’re doing the absolute best for your furry family member.

Listen, your feline companion isn’t just a pet; they’re a cherished member of your family. Every purr, every playful chase, every nuzzle – it’s these moments that make life richer. But what if one day, due to an overlooked household hazard, those moments were taken away? It’s a heart-wrenching thought. You have the power, right now, to ensure that never happens. With just one click, you can arm yourself with the knowledge to protect your beloved cat from hidden dangers. Don’t wait for a wake-up call. Click ‘BUY NOW’ and safeguard those precious moments forever.


Here’s What

You’ll Be


  • Cat Owner’s Alert: Discover Everyday Items That Can Endanger Your Cat’s Life
    • Dive deep into the hidden dangers lurking in your home.
    • Expertly researched insights, ensuring your cat’s safety.
    • Easy-to-follow guide, making cat-proofing a breeze.
    • Value: $47
  • Bonus 1: “Cat-Proofing Your Home” Checklist
    • Comprehensive room-by-room safety checks.
    • Tips and tricks to ensure a cat-friendly environment.
    • Peace of mind knowing your home is a safe haven.
    • Value: $19
  • Bonus 2: “Emergency Contacts and Notes” Template
    • Quick access to crucial contacts during emergencies.
    • Handy template for easy updates and reference.
    • Step-by-step guide to set it up on your phone’s home screen.
    • Value: $15
  • Bonus 3: “Safe Plants for Cat Owners Report”
    • Detailed list of cat-safe indoor and outdoor plants.
    • Expert advice on creating a cat-friendly garden.
    • Quick reference list with links to images.
    • Value: $29


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Listen, fellow cat lover, every moment you wait, your beloved feline might be playing with something that could jeopardize their health. You’ve seen the immense value packed into this offer. Not just the main guide, but three additional resources that could be lifesavers. And at a price that’s less than a single vet visit. Isn’t the safety and well-being of your furry family member worth it? Don’t let hesitation stand in the way of your cat’s safety. Act now!

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This guide,’The Healthy Housecat: A Cat Lover’s Guide To Indoor Feline Wellness‘ , is a “must read” for everyone who owns at least one cat!

So... What is this, anyway?

This is a ‘sales page’ for a new guide I wrote which explains the results you and your cat(s) can receive after buying, reading, and taking action… Based upon the information in the guide.

Why should I buy this guide?

If you really enjoy shampooing cat barf out of your rugs or the reactionary chaos that ensues when something else “heads South” with your cat and you have to figure out what to do next… Or aren’t too keen on keeping your cat healthy anyway… Don’t buy this guide.

Otherwise… Buy this guide!

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After making your purchase, you’ll immediately receive your access instructions via email, and/or a Google Doc., or a Product Access Portal which will explain how to instantly download your new guide and all of the “Limited Time Offer” free “Fast Action Taker” Bonuses… If you qualified for them too!  Easy-Peasy!

So... Tell me more about the FREE BONUSES

The Free “Action Taker Bonuses” are designed to compliment the main guide you purchased, with extra related information… And add additional value, results, and benefit to you as a cat owner!  These Bonuses are only available – Free – for a limited time, as I may choose to sell them as ‘free-standing’ products, by themselves… So Don’t Miss Out!  Buy this guide now!

What if I don't like this guide after I read it?

We’re so confident that our guide will provide you with the knowledge and peace of mind you’re looking for that we’re offering a 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply let us know within 30 days, for a full refund.

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